TALLIN fabric!

First off, make sure you start at the beginning…You can see all the stops on the tour at Jessica’s intro post.

I am so grateful and excited to be included in this all star line-up! Thank you so much, Jessica!

Full disclosure? I went a *little* nuts with this collection. It is so bright and whimsical and happy and touches that small* place inside that fantasizes about living in a place with cobblestone streets.

*that place is not little. It is a roaring tiger. Luckily, Jessica designed a print for that! This is the Pearlie Dress by Peach Patterns. I modified the top a bit for fabric conservation reasons.

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I have friends scattered across the globe. I get to live vicariously/drool with jealousy over their instagram feeds. These friends are my little’s not-yet-met best friends…so naturally, I thought they needed twinning dresses. HOWEVER, in true Gwyn fashion, I thought I could procrastinate a little longer than I actually could, and…the dress didn’t make it to Prague in time, so you’ll have to stay tuned for that post. Luckily, I borrowed another friend’s same-aged daughter to take pictures of that dress before it hopped on a plane to Czechia. (These ones were made with CLUB stripes from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and Baltic Swans 100% cotton. I used the Pearlie Pattern again with the top as the pattern is created.)

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One of my college friends has a daughter that was born just a couple weeks after mine. She’s another not-yet-met bff. She’s also taller than my 96th percentile child, which is a pretty impressive feat, right? I thought they probably needed to twin, too. (I was NOT kidding when I said I went nuts.) This dress is a mashup of Bella Sunshine Designs Reagan Raglan and the Brindille & Twig t-shirt dress. I used the Village Adventure 100% cotton woven, Art Gallery yarn dyed stripes, and some pink cotton spandex I had in the stash.

buuuuutttt…you’ll have to click over to instagram for now to see it in a mostly-finished state. I finished it and popped it in the mail without taking a photo…well done, hey? And time ran away with me, and my kidlet doesn’t have her version of this yet. It is still fabric waiting to become more. 😀

And I saved my fav for last. I paired the Sofia Midnight with the Odessa Traditionale bc when the fabric speaks, you should ALWAYS listen. This dress is the Felicity dress pattern by Bella Sunshine Designs. Instead of doing the straps as the pattern is written, I made them longer and left them free on each side so I could tie them and make this a grow-with-me dress…when something is this cute, you want your kid to wear it as long as possible!

And because I’m a slightly ridiculous person (which I’m sure you already noticed), we went downtown in search of one of Portland’s small patches of cobblestone so that I could try to convince you this dress is in fairytale Europe. (It would have worked if I hadn’t said Portland, right?)

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Thanks for visiting my stop on the tour. Make sure you check back on Monday for Loni of HavinSewMuchFun’s stop…I’ve seen sneaks, and you’re not going to want to miss it!

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