Lugu Fabrics Blog Tour (and a giveaway!)

Hello, and welcome to my stop on the Lugu Blog Tour! Sit back, get comfy…I made a LOT of LUGU! But wait! Did you check out Jessica’s intro post? It’s ok. This post will still be here when you get back.

March has been my Month of Sewing Lugu. I made several items for the lookbook, and we made a fun and chaotic morning of taking photos for it!

Duchess + Hare Free Spirit dress on M, Brindille + Twig raglan hoodie + Misusu Olli pants on C (all of which were/are free patterns, I might add!)
Jess is wearing a Closet Case patterns Charlie caftan sewn by Loni of Havin’ Sew Much Fun. G is wearing Halla leggings and Patterns For Pirates Wee Lap tee (BOTH ALSO FREE!)

Jess’s collections are always easy for me to go overboard with…I am lucky enough to be able to go over to her studio to pick up fabric, and the air is THICK with creativity. Seriously. It is a magical room full of color and magic. I can’t stop thinking of things I could make and inevitably leave with about 72 projects planned. Lugu has NOT been an exception to this trend!

Around the time I joined the tour, I booked a trip with my little to go visit my sewing favorite, Loni. She’s got 3 kids, and I was providing my one nugget. Knowing we’d have a whole gaggle of tiny humans to bribe into modeling for us (I recommend Cadbury Mini Eggs #notsponsored #butopentoit), I pictured a movie night/slumber party situation. Loni helped stage the room perfectly by sewing some pillow covers in approximately 47 seconds. That’s only a very slight exaggeration. It was probably more like 48 seconds.

I whipped up 4 sets of jammies and parked the kids on the guest bed (very thoughtfully furnished with light and neutral linens). The real motivation behind my shoot inspiration was knowing I could turn on the funny cat videos on youtube, and then click click click!

A wasn’t ready for her close-up when we started, so Pig the Pug joined in the fun for a few minutes. She’s a good dog.

My absolute FAVORITE tee pattern and starting point for anything I make my child (4) out of knit fabrics is the Girl’s Fun Tee by Sew By Pattern Pieces. It’s a great fit and easy to modify for a more gender neutral shape if desired! Every pj top was made from this pattern. I used the Halla leggings (a free pattern if you join their fb group!) for all but H’s pants which are the True Bias Mini Hudson pants. (I used a non-Lugu AGF knit for his eponymous pants. I know! sacrilege!) I used Sova Sunshine knit for C’s jammies and Sleep Tight Reverie for M and A. All the solids are also Art Gallery knits and were either provided by AGF or already living in my stash.

blurry chaos. Sounds about right, no?

I told Loni that 4 pairs of pajamas felt like not enough bc they’re such quick and simple projects. She rolled her eyes at me…AND THEN PROCEEDED TO MAKE 6 PAPER PIECED MOTH decorated items! So. NOW who’s ridiculous? Me. It’s still me, and it’s also her, too. But the Lugu Love was in the air, and we just couldn’t help ourselves! I, oops…accidentally also made my kid a couple dresses, too. It happens, amirite? I made one SLPco Saylor, and I loved it so much…I made another! Loni wanted to make Maike a top to match the other moth tops she sewed, and I had to tell her that if it can be confused with a dress…my child will do so. Then we will both cry bc she’ll refuse to wear pants, and it will be a BATTLE. So-Loni made the moth, and I made the dress. YAY TEAMWORK! (But I can’t use this whole post to write about Loni and how great our visit was, or how much fun we had (spoiler alert: sew much) collaborating on ALL THE THINGS…I’ll write about all of that another day.)

saylor #1. I’m pretty obsessed with these red buttons! (and I definitely have this giant safety pin in my amazon cart)
moth saylor! This one is my fav Lugu collaboration to date!
before the red buttons…photo on right by Loni

Lauren from Sew By Pattern Pieces very generously offered one of her patterns (FUN TEE, FUN TEE!) and I have some leftover Lugu knits…one lucky blog commenter can win both of these things by entering the rafflecopter below! (I will cover shipping in the USA. If you’re outside the USA, I would ask that you cover the shipping difference.) There is a good amt of fabric in this prize, you won’t want to miss it!

excuse the 41 minutes past midnight iphone photo. I’m on a deadline here, people!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are as full of ideas of what to do with this beautiful collection as I am! What is your favorite print from the Lugu collection? What would you make with these buttery soft knits?

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  • Jamie

    I’m in awe of all you made!  I’m a mom of 5 girls and don’t find much time to sew, but I’ve told myself it’s now or never and I’m planning to sew most of my two youngests’ summer clothes.  I’ve already bought a bunch of tallin and lugu cotton, but I’ll have to look for some knits.  I didn’t realize they were a thing!  PS love that pug!ReplyCancel

    • cleverest colleen

      art gallery’s knits are THE SOFTEST! They’re kinda pricey, but if you want a heads up on some really bonkers low priced knits that have the same exact feel, DM me on insta! I’ll give you the scoop on getting some to practice with!ReplyCancel

  • Anne

    Found you through the Lugu bloghop – your clothes are amazing!  I have 2 littles and am just starting to make clothes for them.  You are inspiring me to start sewing all the clothes for them.ReplyCancel

    • cleverest colleen

      you can totally do it! I believe in you. 😀 ReplyCancel

  • Anne

    Favorite fabric – toss up between Sleep Tight and OdysseyReplyCancel

  • Lacramioara

    Love your blog! You are such an amazing sewist! I wish I could travel and hang out with my sewing friends. 
    That fabric is so beautiful!  I’d make a pearlie dress out of the owls and pjs from the mint one. ReplyCancel

    • cleverest colleen

      pearlie dress love FOREVERRRRRR!!ReplyCancel

  • Kizzi

    Wow! I just love Jessica’s new collection and your post has me wanting to sew all sorts of pretty things. I’m so impressed by everything you made. Love it! ReplyCancel

  • Naomi

    Those owls! I have already ordered some in cotton for quilts but would love some knits to make some cute things for nieces ReplyCancel

  • Those are sooooo adorable and in the WORLD do you find the time to sew it all??? Seriously can you do a video so we all can see your super speed ninja sewing skills? ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    My comments don’t seem to be showing up so if you get three from me…sorry!
    Anywho it’s all sooo adorable! I’d love to see a video of your super speed ninja sewing skills cuz girl, you make tonage!!!ReplyCancel

    • cleverest colleen

      Ha. It’s set to moderate comments for first time commenters! I deleted the redundant one. 🙂 I had about a month to make all these things! I can be fast when I need to be, and it’s something I’ve made before. I don’t think I’m actually that fast in general!ReplyCancel

  • So fun!!!!!!! Lumina dusk is my favorite ReplyCancel

  • Loni

    YOU’RE RIDICULOUS. ReplyCancel

  • Diane Beavers

    Colleen, wow on top of WOW! That’s a lot of cute adorable PJ’s and models .I have yet to sew with AGF knits. Surely those are as exquisite as their Rayon and cotton. Lots of babies to sew fir this summer and subsequent baby shower gifts needed! Lugu is my ideal choice. Thank you for sharing the whole story behind the scenes photo shoot-indeed an epic undertaking. Love it all!!!ReplyCancel

    • cleverest colleen

      thanks so much, Diane! AGF knits are the besssstttt! I hope you get to sew with them soon!ReplyCancel

  • That darker colored dress. I love the shape on the back of the bodice. I want it in my sizeReplyCancel

    • cleverest colleen

      it’s so beautiful, right?! I think she’s gonna have a closet full of these. ReplyCancel

  • Theresa

    So much fun! ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Aurora

    My favorite is Konstelacija Maagia.ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    Love love love those adorable dresses- that moth is AMAZING. So gorgeous. I don’t know which one is my favorite print- owls have my heart but the odyssey moths are so fun and fresh!! Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Teri

    My favorite print is the Sova Daybreak but they are all lovely.  All of the gatments show the fabric beautifully.ReplyCancel